Oppo 103 (or OPPO BDP-103) may not be as familiar as other existing entertaining home appliances. This is the next generation of a video player. Most people believe that it is the successor of DVD and it is known as Blu-ray Disc player. Most of people have enjoyed the brilliant and clear images from DVD. Physically, there are any many differences between this newest video player technology with DVD. However as the latest technology there must be many things to offer.


Oppo 103 Features

Read the features of Oppo 103 (and highlights) below:

Oppo 103

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The Highest Level Cinema Experience

This video player continues the era of DVD. This player plays discs. However it will produce much better images quality than its predecessor. Viewers will get clearer and more vivid video. Blu-ray format is the improved version of DVD. It means that viewer will get better viewing experience. Viewers will get at least the same experience as they watch their favorite movie in the cinema. With its 3D formats, viewers will enjoy their entertainment in its highest level. However this should be supported by 3D television and viewers should wear 3D glasses. With this device, people seem to bring the cinema experience at home.

OPPO 103 Award

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A Universal Player

Though it is the latest disc player, it does not mean that we have to throw away our older version disc collections. In an Oppo 103 review, this device is called as a universal player. This player also plays DVD, audio and video, and super Audio CD. Its sound quality is also comparable with previous devices. It can produce stereo sound. This compatibility with its previous video player will benefit the owners. They do not have to put some different players in their cabinet. It is one device that will play all your older version of disc collections.

The Best Image Quality

As the latest version of disc player, we should not doubt its images quality. Its standard quality is better than the previous version of the video player. In addition, this latest version of video player is equipped by selectable video output resolution. This enables us to customize the quality of the video that will give us the best viewing experience. Its selections of resolution include 480i, 480p. 720p, 1080i, up to 1080p and 4k. This device is also able to display smoother motion and flicker free. This is a great feature as it will prevent the viewer’s eyes from fatigue.

Easy to Operate Home Entertainment

OPPO BDP-103 Remote

OPPO BDP-103 Remote

This latest version of video player is also easy to use. It can be the most common feature of a video player. Here are some steps to do before enjoying movies with this player:

  • Connect the player with TV set. There are two connectors in this video player. A/V connector and HDMI output. The A/V connector can be the older version, but this player is compatible with it.
  • Choose favorites disc to play. Insert the disc in the tray by push open button in the player or from remote control that is included in the box. As any other video player, it is not difficult to operate.

Technology keeps improving. It also happens to home entertainment. Luckily the improvement always means better and better quality. The improvement does not always put aside the older version. As in this latest video player, we still can play older version of discs with this player. Oppo 103 is still expensive but it will be soon affordable. But you are lucky since we have revealed the cheapest price (you can compare with other store, we are confidence to announce ours is cheapest).